Sonostar Smartwatch is a simple to use Innovative design watch that enables you to take control of your iPhone or Android phone and take it to a whole new level.

Compatible with your iPhone And Android Smartphone Get The Sono Today

The Sonostar Smartwatch seamlessly connects to your smart phone (either iPhone or Android) and enables you to control your smartphone from watch screen.
Innovative Design
Unrivalled design that seamlessly connects to your smartphone
Find Your Phone
Cant find your phone? No problems…Locate your phone at the touch of a button
Receive Calls Text
View incoming calls and text without touching your phone straight from your Sonostar
Facebook & Twitter
Stay up to date with whats going on at Facebook and Twitter with your watch
View Contacts
Sync your contacts straight from your smartphone each time you connect with it.
Play Your Music
Play that favourite song straight from your watch. Ability to stop, pause or switch songs or volume
Calendar Reminder
Not just any calendar but a complete system to manage your events and appointments.
Receive Emails
Never miss a single email. Lets you read and manage your email on the go.
Play Golf
Download the Sonostar app and get access to the most accurate golf gps database.
Fitness Apps
Running and Cycling app to let you go for a ride and check your vital stats.

Get One On Your Wrist And Join The Fun.

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Your Watch Just Got Smarter

Are Your Frustrated At Missing That Important Call Or Text Because Your Smartphone Is Buried In Your Pocket Or Purse? Or Even Worse, Have You Been Distracted While Driving And Wondering If You Missed An Important Call?

No Need To Worry Anymore.

Simply glance over at your new Sonostar Smartwatch and your problems are solved! Seamlessly connect your smartphone to the Sonostar Smartwatch and receive all calls, texts, social media updates (including Facebook and Twitter) right on your wrist. No need to touch your phone again as all the details are now connected to the Sonostar Smartwatch.

Compatible with Both Android And iPhone’s

I’ve Seen Enough And I Want One Now!

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